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It has been hard the past couple months not to be running. I grew a beard to protect my face during long runs, didn't need it. It was easier because only the most dedicated runners were out on the roads. As of late, that has changed. As the weather as gotten warmer and training programs for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon have ramped up more and more people have been out on the roads. Seeing everyone out and about has been torture. I want to be out there so bad, but it's just not time yet.

Last week I finally got in to see my favorite PT, Brian. In addition to overall evaluation and providing of exercises, he got out his Graston tools, and went to work on my lower quad. It was not comfortable and knew it was not going to be pretty when he said, "good, we're starting to see some red spots."  I followed up with some ice massage then got changed and headed to work. When I left, my leg didn't like being touched, not even by my dress pants. The leg stayed swollen a…