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Couple Days Off

I recently reviewed my vacation schedule at work and realized that we are at mid-year and I still have a lot of vacation left. The answer? Take a couple days off...from work that is. Scheduled activities dictated that it would be a staycation, so I put maximum use of my 12 days of freedom.

My mornings were dedicated to training. I alternated days between running and cycling, and yes, I did include some rest days. It was fun to put schedule around my training rather than schedule where my training would fit. It was also fun to mix things up. I got in a muddy trail run, shared a run with my son, met up with a family friend and ran with him for a while. On the bike, I didn't get to the normal group ride,  but I got some miles in with my son, and on other days was able to beat the heat and humidity by getting out before everyone else was out of bed.

The biggest positive to my time off? Year high totals for both an individual run bike and run. One day I managed to get in an 8 mile run …