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False Start

As July is coming to a close, I have to recognize all the false starts that I have experienced in my training. There were at least 3 if not 4 times that I got a good start, but was derailed after only a few days. I decided that I wouldn't run this month, would just rest my legs and enjoy the breaks. To aid in that effort I started the month by investing my Christmas money in a new bike trainer. It's a nice bright green color that doesn't go with any decor. Of course if it did, I would question my decorating taste. The trainer has been a big help to keeping me doing something, the only downside is that my workouts have become evening only. I have also worked in a few yoga sessions, but again that is an after work activity.

At this point you may be wondering what's wrong with evenings after work. As the parent of 2 swimmers, 1 club and 1 high school, January, February and March are very demanding months. Making sure 2-a-days aren't missed, dealing with 2 practice sc…

Let's Just Say Goodbye

I saw this image in someone else's year end blog report and it just felt so appropriate. As the year came to a close, I couldn't wait for 2010 to come to a close and 2011 to arrive with a clean slate and a fresh start. Of course this is talking from a running perspective; it was a very good year for my family, career, and general personal life. The problem is, my overall picture becomes tainted by my running results.
So why the dark shadow? As I wrote my goals last year, I was full of optimism for a great year; a year full of new mile totals and race goals. But that train was derailed before 2010 was even rung in. I spent the first 3-4 months of the year a knee injury from late 2010. Finally in late summer, I achieved 3 good months of training and the return of optimism. That, however, was short lived, as a calf strain brought a screeching halt to any thoughts of a big fall race. The injury wasn't major, but it was timed perfectly to dampen my optimism and plans. As I final…