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As I look back I noticed that I missed posting for the entire month of March. I think I can explain the reasons for that, but unfortunately, the frequency of posting also reflects the my running activity. Luckily it was not a perfect mirror image. I have achieved some sort of work/life balance, but not the preferred type as I have been overloaded on each end. March was championship swimming for club, spring break in Washington DC, and a business trip to Romania. Anyone of these things in itself would not have derailed my training, but putting all in the same month is a different story!

March was going to be the month that I got everything back on track. Week 1 went by: no runs. Week 2 started off on the right foot with a pre-travel run with my wife. I packed all of my gear for my 2 week tip to Romania, because I was sure that I would have time. I even made the trip with zero jet lag, so what could go wrong. 11 hour days and group dinners left my gear teasing me from the closet on a dai…