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What's in a name?

So what's up with the name I chose for my blog? According to, aimlessly is "without aim; purposeless". So how does that fit into how and why I run?  If I'm running for the stress relief, for time alone to ponder my thoughts, or to explore the roads around where I live, there is still an aim or goal to the run. Even if I just run because I enjoy the activity, maybe it would be aimless, but even then, achieving enjoyment could be stated as a purpose. And really, all those things describe why I run, so there seems to be a disconnect between word and deed.

The name came to me as I tried to come up with a way to explain what I do many weekend mornings, wandering about and exploring the farm roads in central Indiana, trying to find different routes that would add up to the mileage I want to achieve. To the non-runner, I'm sure it appears that I was running aimlessly around the the countryside. So there you have it.

On a deeper level, as I think this …

It's Baaaack......

I think that now it's official, my annual bought with my right calf muscle is on. Every year, I seem to do something to cause issues with my calf, usually too hard to soon. I thought with the base that I have this year, that I may avoid it. I even laid off the speed work when my achilles got sore a couple weeks ago. I think the problem is that my run pace has been increasing, leading to the collision of 10 miles, hills, and 8min/mi pace last weekend. Monday's 6 was all right, but still too fast. Wednesday, I dropped it to 4 and did a better job of controlling pace. My leg really hasn't hurt much during the runs, but comes on almost immediately after. Stretching and sticking are becoming part of my daily routine again (please don't yell at me, I know I should have been doing that anyway!). Friday I woke to now leg pain! I spent the day wishing I could get out, but knew it would be best to stick to the schedule and wait for Saturday. Saturday came with once again no pain…

Here Comes a Regular

Anyone remember that song by the Replacements? A little different than the style they were known for, but it has too be one of my favorites from the college days. At that time it seemed it would be cool to be about my favorite watering hole, but somehow age changes you. Now, my family has become 'a Regular' at our local running store, The Running Company (Carmel store). We love it when we need new shoes or gear because we get to visit all of our friends. When we walk in the door, we're greeted at the door by name with a huge smile! It's a pleasure to work with Elyssa, Melissa, Kathy, Chuck, and Justin, they all make us feel like we are something special. It's awesome!

Why is that on my mind? Tonight we made the trip when I got home from work. The last 2 times we have been in, Elyssa, the store manager hasn't been in due to a wedding and honeymoon - Congrats, Elyssa and Josh! Anna, a self-appointed member of the "Temple of Orange", saw some new Mizuno W…

Finishing on the Right Note

The short course swimming season reached the end this weekend (finally!). We attended the Indiana State Age Group Swimming meet this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Each of the kids swam on each day, and both experienced mixed results.

On Saturday, we had a 200 medley relay in the morning and in the afternoon. We were able to manage our time so we (the parents) didn't spend the whole day sitting at the pool. Anna got a ride in the morning, so Will could sleep and come in time to see her swim. Anna got to go to lunch and shopping then back in time to see Will swim. Anna's (fly leg) relay swam right at their abilities and was able to move up 1 spot from their seed. Will's (breaststroke leg) relay team swam faster than their seed time, but was DQ'd for a bad turn on the backstroke leg.

Sunday brought more mixed results. Anna started with the 200 fly, but didn't come close to her seed time. She is usually very dependable, swimming very near to or better than her best tim…

State or Bust!

This week, for the last week during our half-marathon program required a schedule shuffle. The Indiana State championship meet is taking place, with Anna and Will qualified for both Saturday and Sunday sessions, morning and afternoon, respectively. This will be the last swim meet of the short course (25 yd) season, so we will get a much needed break from meets for a couple months.

Jil started the week with one sore hip and somewhere during the week the soreness jumped to the other side. Anyone remember Igor from Young Frankenstein and his moving hump? She did a good jump of getting her miles in, even with the mixed group attendance due to the other runner's scheduling issues. The biggest move was to move their 7 mile long run to the middle of the week. Jil said she held up pretty well for the first 6.5. That may have been pacing, and it could just be dealing with new territory. Regardless, she's hanging in and sticking to her plan.

I've continued to nurse my sore achilles. I…

H2Low's and Hi's

Swimming had it's highs and lows this week. Anna was only practicing this week, getting ready for the Indiana Age Group State meet. Relays came out, and she is swimming the 200 medley relay as well. The great news is that Will is swimming in the free relay and the medley relay; he finally gets to wear the state team cap! On Saturday he tried to an individual cut, but he just suffered one of those off days and added time in every race. Anna showed some maturity and learning when really felt bad for him when he didn't achieve an individual. It helped her to understand what we go through as parents every time they get in the water.

A little R and R

The stars aligned with a meteorite for me this week. I had a recovery week planned after a few weeks of base building, but... After developing the achilles soreness last week and swelling up at the swim meet, I spent the first half of the week icing and taking ibuprofen. By Wednesday, I was feeling good enough to get 5 easy miles in, but ended up a little sore. I made sure that I used the stick before and after the run and stretched more (I haven't been very good about that this winter), which I'm sure helped, but possibly should have taken one more day of healing. I decided to rest until Saturday to give just a little more rest. Problem was, after getting home from the swim meet, I just didn't feel like going out. I forced myself get the shoes on and head out the door, and was rewarded with a very nice six miler. My body responded like it always does after a rest and 'easy' was faster than normal.

Jil and her group got their runs in, although life is happening and …

Finding My Achilles Heel

We experienced a typical, yet atypical early Midwestern US spring week. The week started cold with highs in the 20's (F), so we were still wearing our cold weather gear, but by the end of the week, it was in the 70's (F), and we were down to shorts and t-shirts. Jil and her group had one last easy week on the schedule before they really start to build up. I don't get a lot of details, just get told that 'what happens on the run, stays on the run'! Two of the three are now signed up (read 'committed') for the 1/2 marathon, so it will be harder to back out - although I have already heard some 'cold feet' comments.

My week was ups and downs. I started the week with a really hard, easy run. I just didn't seemed to be well fueled, and my legs were just tired. Then on Wednesday, I had a great tempo run, followed by a nice, short, easy run on Thursday. However, after finishing on Thursday and logging the run, my right achilles got really sore. Luckily …

2 all session admissions, $30; 1 Psych sheet, $10; 12 swims, $60; 1 honest person, priceless!

This weekend we attended the Indiana West Central Divisional Championship swim meet. For those outside Indiana, there are five divisions that have have a championship meet each winter. Swimmers must achieve a published time to qualify to swim in the meet. If a swimmer is qualified for the state wide meet, they may not swim that event at the divisional meet. Confused? Good.

Anna and Will both swam a full program of 6 events over the course of the 3 day meet, and of course they are in different sessions, leaving us at the pool from 6:45am to 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Anna swam well enough in prelims Saturday and Sunday (Friday was finals only) to qualify to swim the evening finals session as well. That earned us the right to be at the pool until about 8 both nights. In 16 swims, they achieved 14 personal bests, although Will had one negated after being disqualified for an illegal turn in his 100 backstroke.

Will had a good meet, but had hoped for a little different result. After a slow…

Back to State!

Well, the season's swim training is paying dividends for the kids. This next weekend are the Indiana divisional championship meets. Both Anna and Will have qualified for more than the permitted number of events, so it will be another full weekend of swim meet attendance. That's a good thing for them, but it will make it difficult for me to fit in my long run.

Also, at our club time trial this weekend, Anna beat the 13-14 state meet standard for the 1650 (read: 1 mile or 66 lengths of the pool!). Not only did she beat the standard, but did it in dramatic fashion. With one lap to go I looked at the clock and saw 19:20 and thought she would miss it by mere seconds. She finished her last 200 with everything she had left and completed the swim in 19:49.83, just 0.66 seconds below the qualifying time. Twenty minutes is a long time to swim, to come down to just that small time difference. As a parent it was nerve wracking, yet still enjoyable. As one of 2 swimmers in the pool, and the…