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Build Me Up

I've spent the last few weeks easing myself back into running after my brief layoff. I have a return to running plan that I got from a past injury when I required physical therapy. The plan has worked well in the past, so it has become my go to plan for rest to run. The plan spends the first 3 weeks with run/walk workouts before finally getting in an all run session.

The run/walk sessions have gone very well. Because of the ice narrowed streets and the focus on time rather than distance, I stuck to the treadmill. This week I did take advantage of nicer temps, a good thaw, and the plan switch to all run to get outside. It was wonderful to be in the elements, but I missed the pace control of the treadmill. I'm not sure if it was just being outside, or muscle memory, but I went out harder than I have since beginning my return and was sucking wind.

It didn't feel great while I was on the road, but I can feel good about where I am and knowing I am building up to that strong pla…

Hello Goodbye

The last few weeks have brought beginnings and ends. I said hello to another return to running while my daughter Anna said goodbye to a new phase in her swimming career.

I said hello and started running again using the same return to running plan that I used successfully last year. Thus far, knock on wood, my hamstring has been holding up and I an excited to be moving forward on my stay healthy goals for this year.

Anna said goodbye to her first high school swim season in a big way. After a season of continued improvement, she qualified with her teammates for the Indiana high school state meet in 2 relays. At the meet, the 200 medley relay finished their season in prelims, but the 400 free relay advanced to finals. So in the last race of the Indiana high school season, the squad Anna swam on brought home a 6th place finish. As an added bonus, the whole relay team returns next year! For me, it is ready hard to describe my feelings. I'm proud of her putting in all the hard…