Build Me Up

I've spent the last few weeks easing myself back into running after my brief layoff. I have a return to running plan that I got from a past injury when I required physical therapy. The plan has worked well in the past, so it has become my go to plan for rest to run. The plan spends the first 3 weeks with run/walk workouts before finally getting in an all run session.

The run/walk sessions have gone very well. Because of the ice narrowed streets and the focus on time rather than distance, I stuck to the treadmill. This week I did take advantage of nicer temps, a good thaw, and the plan switch to all run to get outside. It was wonderful to be in the elements, but I missed the pace control of the treadmill. I'm not sure if it was just being outside, or muscle memory, but I went out harder than I have since beginning my return and was sucking wind.

It didn't feel great while I was on the road, but I can feel good about where I am and knowing I am building up to that strong place I had found last year.

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