As I look back I noticed that I missed posting for the entire month of March. I think I can explain the reasons for that, but unfortunately, the frequency of posting also reflects the my running activity. Luckily it was not a perfect mirror image. I have achieved some sort of work/life balance, but not the preferred type as I have been overloaded on each end. March was championship swimming for club, spring break in Washington DC, and a business trip to Romania. Anyone of these things in itself would not have derailed my training, but putting all in the same month is a different story!

Peles Castle, Romania
March was going to be the month that I got everything back on track. Week 1 went by: no runs. Week 2 started off on the right foot with a pre-travel run with my wife. I packed all of my gear for my 2 week tip to Romania, because I was sure that I would have time. I even made the trip with zero jet lag, so what could go wrong. 11 hour days and group dinners left my gear teasing me from the closet on a daily basis and no additional runs. I did finally get out for a 5 miler on the weekend and then one run mid-week, but two runs over the trip duration was not what I had hoped or intended.

Week 3 finally got me more on track. 4 runs and 1/2 my total miles for the month! I was able to get another run in with Jil, which I really enjoyed. We haven't run together for quite a while, so it was nice to get back to that. We also experienced a wonderful change to spring, and I couldn't resist getting out in the weather.

SR-71 Blackbird, Air and Space II   
Week 4 returned to the previous normalcy. I got a nice 5 mile run in prior to piling into the family vehicle and traveled to Washington, D.C. No running gear was packed. We did spend a ton of time on our feet walking through the city and museums, but it's just not that same. Regardless, the family had a great time (the point) and saw some really cool stuff.

What's next? April has me staying home, the weather should continue to improve, and the kids activities are reduced to mainly practice. My desire is to be running more consistently and getting out cross training on my bike. Wish my luck!

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