1000 Miles Away

I think I will call 2014 the year of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At the beginning of May, Anna and I ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, crossing the yard bricks mid-race and capturing Anna kissing the bricks. Next, at the end of May, the family attended the annual 500 mile race. What else could I do on the track? There are additional opportunities throughout the year to take advantage of, but which one....

Since I sat during the 500 and ran the mini, I thought bicycling would be a good choice. There was a free June Saturday on our busy calendar, so Will and I signed up for the Indiana Tour de Cure. Not only could we test our bikes out on the smooth surface of the track, but we could contribute to finding a cure for diabetes. Neither Will nor I had been riding much in the spring so we opted for the 75k ride. We started on the track and at the yard of bricks and after about a half a lap of the track we went out on the roads for the majority of our ride before returning to the track to finish up with a few laps. I didn't kiss the bricks during the Mini, but both Will and I took advantage of the opportunity after the ride.

For the rest of the year, bike riding took a backseat to running. Will's early morning summer schedule got me out early before work, which allowed me to beat the heat and stay consistent with my training. I also showed some maturity (I know it's about time), listened to my body, and took easy/rest days when I was supposed to and a few extra days off when I felt some minor aches and pains, rather than wait for them to become big deals. That consistency kept me on the roads throughout the year without any breaks. In my 33+ years of running, I can't remember a entire year that I stayed that consistent. I haven't kept my pre-digital training logs, but I'm pretty positive that I've never put in the mileage I achieved this year. For the first time, I was able to cross the 1000 mile mark in a calendar year. I've chased that number for probably the past five years and I'm pretty proud of marking that accomplishment.

So where does that take me next year? Having reached the 1000 mile plateau, I'm not going to chase any total mileage marks from the start of the year, but I'm sure I will look at my total mileage as the year goes on and if I'm close to a mileage milestone, I'm sure I will work to achieve it. Doing a couple races this past year definitely has got me wanting to compete some more next year. I have some thoughts races, but haven't signed up for anything yet. As we close out 2014, those 2015 plans are TBD, but I hope they once again include events with my family.

At this point, I'd be happy with just another consistent year like 2014.

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