A Mixed Week

This week was a mixed week. I started off the week on a note of encouragement after the Polar Bear Run. I got my planned 4 days in. For 2 of those days the weather showed a hint of spring, allowing runs with a little less clothing than has been required of late. For the other 2 however, the mercury dropped back down to the normal zone. We know Spring is out there, we just have to be patient. I also got a speed workout in and lived to walk and run the next day. That is already an improvement over last year. My hope is that I can continue down that positive path. I wrapped up the week with a nice 9 miler right on my target pace. Toward the end, I was starting to feel that "zone". Hopefully, that is not too far away. It was a little windy and cool, but it is still February in the Midwest.

Jil had a bit of a step back week. She had a cough settle into her chest, and the Dr. asked her to stay off the roads until the antibiotics were gone. Luckily that was sandwiched between her Monday and Friday runs, including the Friday 5 mile long run. In the long term that shouldn't cause any issues, and it was better to take a short rest and get everything healed up.

The kids aren't running yet for the season. That does make sense as their focus is currently on the swimming short course championship season.


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