Polar Bear Run

After my marathon last year, my wife, Jil, decided she would like to run a half marathon. She's walked one a couple times before, but after beginning running last year, she decided running was next. With that in mind she has a training group, and is targeting a spring half. This weekend's Polar Bear Run was the first racing step in that journey. The weather held out, and being "real runners", we thought it was a beautiful morning with temps in the mid-30's(F). We started together, but you will get 2 different stories about what happened in the first half. She brought her iPod shuffle, and I remember asking a couple times whether she wanted company or was going to listen. She remembers that I was like a kid who kept pestering until I got what I wanted. After about a 1/4 mile, I approval to go off on my own.

I spent the rest of the first mile working through the mass of people before being able to settle in to a more comfortable race pace for me. I finished with what I believe is my fastest 5 mile time in 16 years. I wonder if could have maintained the last 4 mile pace for the entire race. The last 1/2 mile was a little rough mentally, but the end result left me very encouraged with where I am in my training. Maybe I can go after some of the personal bests that I set back in my early 20's. I just have to reconcile my goals between achieving my own times and helping my family achieve their individual goals.

After finishing I went back along the course to cool down and find Jil. I finally found her around the 4.25 mile mark. After a brief swim cheer, I joined her for the run to the finish line. This is where I have trouble with my goals. I was excited for her. All the work she has been putting in got her a time that surprised her. Since she really wasn't breathing heavy, she knows that she probably could have gone faster.


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