2 all session admissions, $30; 1 Psych sheet, $10; 12 swims, $60; 1 honest person, priceless!

This weekend we attended the Indiana West Central Divisional Championship swim meet. For those outside Indiana, there are five divisions that have have a championship meet each winter. Swimmers must achieve a published time to qualify to swim in the meet. If a swimmer is qualified for the state wide meet, they may not swim that event at the divisional meet. Confused? Good.

Anna and Will both swam a full program of 6 events over the course of the 3 day meet, and of course they are in different sessions, leaving us at the pool from 6:45am to 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Anna swam well enough in prelims Saturday and Sunday (Friday was finals only) to qualify to swim the evening finals session as well. That earned us the right to be at the pool until about 8 both nights. In 16 swims, they achieved 14 personal bests, although Will had one negated after being disqualified for an illegal turn in his 100 backstroke.

Will had a good meet, but had hoped for a little different result. After a slow start in the 200 IM, he came around on Saturday and Sunday. He has been slowly working his way closer to the Indiana State meet breaststroke cut times. He was pretty well shattered when he missed the state cut in the 50 breaststroke on Saturday by 0.32 seconds! He settled down and came back ready to go on Sunday, but was frustrated with the backstroke DQ. Again, he recovered and was able to drop almost three seconds in the 100 breaststroke and placed second! He was very pleased with the result, but was still left wanting after missing the state cut by 0.41 seconds. He has one more chance to get an individual cut on Saturday, but if he doesn't, he should be able to best the standard for the summer state meet.

Anna had a great weekend, swimming personal bests every time she hit the water, and swam above her seed in 3 of the 4 finals. Her weekend culminated with a Indiana State meet qualifying time in the 200 butterfly and a #1 seed in the final. She improved her time in the final, but came in second to a teammate who posted a 3 second drop from the morning. Anna did present the family with a bit of drama on Saturday. She almost forgot her championship suit in the morning and threw it on top of her bag. She thought she left it in the van, but after the morning session (she was only wearing it for finals) it was nowhere to be found. After checking lost and found, on deck, the parking lot...we accepted loss and Anna agreed to pay for 1/2 of a new suit to replace it. As we were walking in for finals, we were telling some other parents of the ordeal, and they told us that in the morning it was announced that someone had turned in a suit. Jil ran to the announcer and after identifying the suit, surprised the announcer with a hug! Anna was relieved to have the suit back - but probably still owes her mom that hug.


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