Back to State!

Well, the season's swim training is paying dividends for the kids. This next weekend are the Indiana divisional championship meets. Both Anna and Will have qualified for more than the permitted number of events, so it will be another full weekend of swim meet attendance. That's a good thing for them, but it will make it difficult for me to fit in my long run.

Also, at our club time trial this weekend, Anna beat the 13-14 state meet standard for the 1650 (read: 1 mile or 66 lengths of the pool!). Not only did she beat the standard, but did it in dramatic fashion. With one lap to go I looked at the clock and saw 19:20 and thought she would miss it by mere seconds. She finished her last 200 with everything she had left and completed the swim in 19:49.83, just 0.66 seconds below the qualifying time. Twenty minutes is a long time to swim, to come down to just that small time difference. As a parent it was nerve wracking, yet still enjoyable. As one of 2 swimmers in the pool, and the only one within reach of the cut, everyone in attendance got louder and louder for those last few laps. Thinking back on it, knowing they were all adding their voices to help her achieve her goal still sends a little chill down my spine.

Way to go Anna!


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