Here Comes a Regular

Anyone remember that song by the Replacements? A little different than the style they were known for, but it has too be one of my favorites from the college days. At that time it seemed it would be cool to be about my favorite watering hole, but somehow age changes you. Now, my family has become 'a Regular' at our local running store, The Running Company (Carmel store). We love it when we need new shoes or gear because we get to visit all of our friends. When we walk in the door, we're greeted at the door by name with a huge smile! It's a pleasure to work with Elyssa, Melissa, Kathy, Chuck, and Justin, they all make us feel like we are something special. It's awesome!

Why is that on my mind? Tonight we made the trip when I got home from work. The last 2 times we have been in, Elyssa, the store manager hasn't been in due to a wedding and honeymoon - Congrats, Elyssa and Josh! Anna, a self-appointed member of the "Temple of Orange", saw some new Mizuno Wave Ronin 2 running flats that she wanted for track. They had to special order her size and the shoes were in for testing. She got the love of the color orange genetically from me, and now I....have...major....shoe....envy! And not just because they are all orange - although that is really cool - but because I would love to have a pair of flats. I just don't think that they make sense for a mid-packer doing the half or full marathon distances.

I only ask that Anna do one thing: enjoy the shoes for both of us!


  1. Yay! That's from Chuck and Elyssa at TRC. We are so happy to know you and your family. Thanks for choosing us. See you back in again soon! Hopefully, with wedding pics to show you...:)


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