It's Baaaack......

I think that now it's official, my annual bought with my right calf muscle is on. Every year, I seem to do something to cause issues with my calf, usually too hard to soon. I thought with the base that I have this year, that I may avoid it. I even laid off the speed work when my achilles got sore a couple weeks ago. I think the problem is that my run pace has been increasing, leading to the collision of 10 miles, hills, and 8min/mi pace last weekend. Monday's 6 was all right, but still too fast. Wednesday, I dropped it to 4 and did a better job of controlling pace. My leg really hasn't hurt much during the runs, but comes on almost immediately after. Stretching and sticking are becoming part of my daily routine again (please don't yell at me, I know I should have been doing that anyway!). Friday I woke to now leg pain! I spent the day wishing I could get out, but knew it would be best to stick to the schedule and wait for Saturday. Saturday came with once again no pain, so I decided I would go for the 12 that I didn't get in last week. I kept my route flat and my pace easy. The first 11.5 were a wonderful joy. The last 1/2 my feet were hurting a little, but nothing major. No calf soreness during or after. I seemed to have done the right thing by backing off this week and throwing in an extra rest day, but only time will tell that. I'll also throw in an extra rest day this week with spring break travel. For the month that will leave me a little behind where I want to be with my goal to run 1000 miles this year.

Jil's running group had finally had a week without swim meets and conflicts. They have done a nice job sticking to their plan. On Tuesday, (when Jil can't run with the rest of the group), they took advantage of the weather and got back on the trail. They said a lot clean up has been done. It will be good to get a chance to go check it out. They still have a group member that needs to sign up for the half. She claims it will be done before the end of the week.  I hope so, as I would hate to call Caroline out by name.  On Friday they worked on how to fit in their training over spring break this next week. Jil should have the easiest time since we are only going out of town for two days.

Anna started track practice this week. They started off with a baseline 400m run. Anna finished hers in 1:16. After finishing she proceeded to spit, like any good runner, and the rest of the girls looked at her like she was an alien. Of course, she thinks that people who don't understand spitting during and/or after running just don't understand distance running. To quote a t-shirt I once saw, "They call them sprinters". Referencing the difference in the amount, type, and duration of work sprinters put in versus distance runners. They did heavy calisthenics, with a good number of lunges, so Anna had trouble walking on Tuesday morning, but was in good spirits. Maybe it was because it was pancake morning.

She told Coach Rowe she wants to go sub-6 in the mile this season, (swimming has taught her to be open about her goals and communicate with her coaches) to which he replied she needs to be running 6:05 at the first meets and he would be pushing her pretty hard to get her there. We'll have to see what being at the front of the group and getting attention does for her experience versus being an invisible, unknown 6th grader. At least we found that swim practice is scheduled to begin one week prior to the first track meet, so as parents we aren't at risk of last years calendar/emotional conflict. Tuesday was a good distance practice, but practice was canceled for the rest of the week heading into spring break. Time to see if she really has a desire to achieve those goals.


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