A little R and R

The stars aligned with a meteorite for me this week. I had a recovery week planned after a few weeks of base building, but... After developing the achilles soreness last week and swelling up at the swim meet, I spent the first half of the week icing and taking ibuprofen. By Wednesday, I was feeling good enough to get 5 easy miles in, but ended up a little sore. I made sure that I used the stick before and after the run and stretched more (I haven't been very good about that this winter), which I'm sure helped, but possibly should have taken one more day of healing. I decided to rest until Saturday to give just a little more rest. Problem was, after getting home from the swim meet, I just didn't feel like going out. I forced myself get the shoes on and head out the door, and was rewarded with a very nice six miler. My body responded like it always does after a rest and 'easy' was faster than normal.

Jil and her group got their runs in, although life is happening and schedules are needing to be rearranged. For Jil, the six mile long run was new territory for her as will all the long runs from this point forward. She has had a little soreness but nothing more than would be expected from building mileage to new territories. The group struggling to make sure they get all of their scheduled runs in. I'm been reminding them early and often, that the end result on race day is the sum of the entire schedule and won't be hurt if they miss a run here or there. You should never try to make up mileage. That is at best, one of the best ways to run yourself down, and at worst, end up injured.

We stopped at The Running Company after the swim meet so Anna could get her training shoes for track. We missed our friend Elyssa, but it was her wedding day, so her priorities are in the right place. Anna tried on racing flats and liked the red Sauconys, but really wants to see if the orange Mizunos in a smaller size will fit. She and I both agree that orange makes everything better. Chuck helped us this time, and as always we had awesome, personal service. We will be back to visit in the next weeks to get her racing flats and get me new shoes.


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