State or Bust!

This week, for the last week during our half-marathon program required a schedule shuffle. The Indiana State championship meet is taking place, with Anna and Will qualified for both Saturday and Sunday sessions, morning and afternoon, respectively. This will be the last swim meet of the short course (25 yd) season, so we will get a much needed break from meets for a couple months.

Jil started the week with one sore hip and somewhere during the week the soreness jumped to the other side. Anyone remember Igor from Young Frankenstein and his moving hump? She did a good jump of getting her miles in, even with the mixed group attendance due to the other runner's scheduling issues. The biggest move was to move their 7 mile long run to the middle of the week. Jil said she held up pretty well for the first 6.5. That may have been pacing, and it could just be dealing with new territory. Regardless, she's hanging in and sticking to her plan.

I've continued to nurse my sore achilles. It doesn't hurt when I'm running, just when I stretch it. I can see improvement, so I'm just going to stay the course on my treatment and running through it. I did a couple of 7 milers and planned a long run of 12. It had planning and looking forward to running the first 4 of the long run with Jil, since we don't run together much anymore. But it wasn't too be. She determined that she needed to rest her hip, so I plotted a new route and headed out. The new route was hillier than I am used to and my right calf decided to knot up. It was such a great evening weather wise and I was feeling so good that I hated to do it, but I finally called it quits at 10. My calf tightened up more in the evening. Hopefully I'll be back out on Monday.

I looked at possibly adding an additional half to the schedule for me to run for time, but am not sure why I need to do that. It's having opposing voices speaking in each ear. "What's wrong with running the event for the pleasure of yourself and others?" versus "Don't you want to know how fast you can go?". Right now I'm leaning towards the pleasure voice, wanting to hold my timed run until I've put in more speed work.

Next week, Anna starts track practice so I will start reporting on her running training as well. Then we have spring break week. We aren't taking a big trip, but scheduling the runs will still be challenging with the kids around all day. Who knows, maybe they'll be joining us for some miles?


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