What's in a name?

So what's up with the name I chose for my blog? According to www.dictionary.com, aimlessly is "without aim; purposeless". So how does that fit into how and why I run?  If I'm running for the stress relief, for time alone to ponder my thoughts, or to explore the roads around where I live, there is still an aim or goal to the run. Even if I just run because I enjoy the activity, maybe it would be aimless, but even then, achieving enjoyment could be stated as a purpose. And really, all those things describe why I run, so there seems to be a disconnect between word and deed.

The name came to me as I tried to come up with a way to explain what I do many weekend mornings, wandering about and exploring the farm roads in central Indiana, trying to find different routes that would add up to the mileage I want to achieve. To the non-runner, I'm sure it appears that I was running aimlessly around the the countryside. So there you have it.

On a deeper level, as I think this through and write this, I wonder if it is even possible to truly run aimlessly? With race goals, the health benefits, and just for the enjoyment, I know that for me running isn't aimless.


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