Getting Back on the Horse

The toe remained pretty sore and ugly through Tuesday and Wednesday, but started to feel better on Wednesday night. Thursday I was able to enjoy a wonderful 6 mile lunch time run in the sun, and the toe didn't bother me at all! But into the evening my left knee started to hurt more than it did in the morning. I'm guessing that it is a combination of sleeping with the foot elevated and no support for my knee and changing my walking gate for a few days to compensate for the toe.

On Saturday, the knee felt okay, and the weather was so gorgeous that I couldn't resist heading out. It was a bit warm. I'm just not used to mid-60's yet. I was pretty tired from 8-11, but found a groove to finish the final 1.5. And although I was just trying to run comfortable. Based on the pace, I was probably pushing a bit harder than I should have.

Jil's group continued on their plan. Each member of the group misses a day here and there, but they are sticking to their plan and not trying to make-up miles. On Friday, they put in their longest run to date, a 9 miler. Jil struggled with her IT Band around 4 miles and again at 6. We were dropping off some Kids Racing for Kids race fliers at the Running Company, so we picked up a foam roller for her while we were there. Even with all that considered, with 4 weeks to go, the group is right on track for a good day on race day.

Will and Anna are back to swimming. One happily, one reluctantly. It's odd, the happy one spends over an hour at track practice, then eats something changes and goes to swim for an hour and 45 minutes. The reluctant one has baseball practice a couple days a week, then is too tired to swim 2-3 days a week. For 2 months baseball comes first, we are trying to make sure he gets his personal time, without overprogramming.

Next week there is one travel and one home track meet. On Thursday Anna received confirmation of her varsity status for track meets. You would think she would be excited, but not her. She's outraged that she has to run the 800 not once, but twice in the first meet. She'll be running a leg in the 3200m relay, the 1600m and the open 800m. She really doesn't have a great love for the 800.


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