The Good, the Bad, and the .....Ugly

The Good....This week I started something new; lunch time runs. I felt I needed to do this because of evening schedules and feeling guilty leaving everyone at home while I did my thing. Monday was my first outing as was great. A little cool and rainy, but what do you expect, it is April. My legs felt great while I was out, but had to rush back to the office for a meeting. My legs were tight during the afternoon, but as the evening came, they really felt good. Obviously one day isn't enough to tell, but these lunch time runs may help me in my recovery (as well as save me a few bucks by forcing me to brown bag 3 days a week).

The Bad...Tuesday morning brought the bad. While getting ready for work, I was walking around the bedroom and kicked the corner of a door frame with the little toe on my left foot. I figured it to be one of those things. You bump the toe and within a while just walk it off. With that in mind, I wore my normal shoes and headed of for work. When the pain didn't subside, I undressed by foot to find...

The Ugly...The toe represents 'the ugly'. It has a nice black bruise running from nail to foot. and is sore inside of dress shoes, but I can wiggle/curl it.  I finally took some ibuprofen and now it curls/wiggles without pain. I hope it is only a bruise, but me thinks it may be fractured.


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