The Long and Winding Road

This week had the last scheduled long runs before the Geist Half. I got back into my regular routine, with 7 on Monday, 7 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, and xx on Saturday. Monday was just a good pace run at a 7:45 pace. The weather was nice, but still very windy. Wednesday finally brought a break in the wind. I did a tempo session with 1 mile warm-up/1 mile cool down and 5 miles at 7 min pace. The funny thing is that the pace was only 15 sec average less than the 5k last weekend, but I was comfortably tired, not hurting like in the race. What that tells me is I probably took the race out too fast.

Thursday's recovery run was AWESOME! Ever since my first real run in the rain in June of 1984, I have loved running in the rain. There is something cleansing about being one with the weather and not caring. Not caring about how wet you are, not caring if you step in a puddle, just not caring. I think I have written this before, but to me it really is just like being a little kid in my yellow rain coat out stomping in the puddles.

Jil's week revolved around her first double digit run, a 10 miler. She field incredible from the start, even comfortably running a pace that was too fast, but not feeling any pain. That is until...about 7 miles she had to pause for a car before crossing the road. When she tried to start up again, her ITB locked up on her. She was able to walk and jog for about a mile before getting back to a run. That is good experience for her getting to the race, she knows that she can't stop for anything, but just has to maintain some sort of forward progress, even if it is a walk. The group is talking about maybe 1 more long run, but they need to wait and see how the recover. Jil has become such a runner: she said the taper week had runs of ONLY 4, 3, and 2. I'm so proud of my wife. This may be the longest run she ever does, but she is a runner!

We have also gotten confirmation from her entire running group that they will be coming to our place for a post race party. Since most of that will fall to me, I had better get planning.


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