Spring Break

Spring break came this year and turned everyone's schedules topsy turvy. Jil's running group was out of town for the whole week and we went to St Louis for 2 days. In practicing what I have been preaching, I convinced Jil that life happened and we weren't going to make up the runs scheduled for when we were out of town. Then she asked if I wanted to run with her for the week. That worked out fine for me since I'm on a rest week. In the end it worked out even better, because I just came across a case of the doldrums and if it hadn't been for needing keep my running date, I would have been parked on the 'couch of doom'.

Originally we were scheduled to go out together on Friday, but because of the weather and an opportunity for Jil to run some of the less populated roads that have too much traffic during the week, we switched the plan to Saturday morning. I toyed with going Friday as well, but the wind and a long week at work kept me from getting out. We did go on Saturday, even though I got frustrated waiting around to go. Because it was later when we left, it was warming up, but it also meant we had to go through a temperature transition. That made it hard to dress. After all the consternation, it was a nice run. Jil did a nice job, walking briefly around 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5. But just a brief moment to take a drink and go again. Her fitness is definitely improving and I think she will be pleasantly surprised how much she will improve over the next 5 weeks.

As for me, I'm still kind of in the hum-drums, and we have more winter to come next week - yuck! But legs are feeling good and strong, it's probably time to test them with some speed work again, Z-Run (our local spring 5k) is only 3 weeks away. We haven't figured out yet what the strategy is. Will everyone run for themself? Does Anna want help with sub-20 attempt, or Will help with a sub-25 attempt?

Anna had the rest bug, which I can't really blame her, just coming off swimming. She'll be fine once scheduled practice begins. She just frustrates me at times. She talks about all the goals/times she wants to achieve, but doesn't have the desire and drive to go the extra mile in her training. Then when I try to push her a bit, it just creates conflict. I know it would be wise to let that be a battle that I choose not to fight, but somehow I never remember that when the opening presents itself.


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