Take It on the Run

Track season for Anna is now in full swim. After the team got nipped in the first meet, the coach decided he need Anna to run the 2400, where they got 0 pts. To make matters worse, no one has scored for the team in the 2400 for 3 yrs! In order to run the 2400, Anna had to drop the 1600. That didn't make her very happy, which is ironic since she wanted to run the 2400 last year and didn't get to because of how the meet schedule developed.

The first meet for the 2400 was this week. Anna was nervous, partly from the pressure to score and also from not having run the event before. Luckily the meet was against a team with runners she knows and gained some confidence running against them earlier in the meet. The wind was really strong (still!) so she planned to just go out and sit behind them and for the first 2100 and make a move then if she could. She followed the instructions and stayed on the rail right behind the leaders. The lead group past through the mile in 6:23, Anna still tucked in behind. But when the leaders picked up the pace to go with about 800 to go, she didn't have enough to go with them. She hung tough and finished the last 800 in 3:13. She had run a very evenly paced race en route to 9:37 finishing time and 3rd place! Goal one down, the team scored. The irony is the team got no points in the 1600. She learned something about gutting out a run in that race and now is thinking longer term (and aggessively) in her goals.

The Thursday night meet was cancelled because of rain. Two weeks and  five meets left in the season.


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