A Very Blustery Day...

Sunday this week, started out just like 'Windsday' from Winnie the Pooh, with wind and rain. But unlike in Pooh, the rain left, but the wind stayed. Sooner or later the winter layers will be put away, but it obviously isn't sooner. Despite the weather, Monday brought the joy of solo running. I tried to settle into a nice comfortable pace, but once I caught the 22 mph tailwind, I totally lost control. I probably paid for it a little in my calves on Tuesday, but not too badly. On Wednesday, I went ahead and ran a fartlek session. I felt tired afterward, but didn't get very sore. Fingers crossed for turning the corner on some speed training. A short 3 miler on Thursday helped to loosen my legs up. On Saturday, my goal was to tackle the Hunt Club Rd hills that cramped me up a few weeks ago. I took the run at a easy pace and got through the hills injury free and finished the 14 miles strong in 1:55. My left knee ended up tired and sore, and my legs were a little stale on Sunday morning, but I'm ready to get back to it next week. I'm excited for swimming to be starting back up. I've been feeling a little guilty heading out for my runs while everyone sat and waited for dinner, but know I'll be waiting on them again.

I have been thinking about signing up beginning to run over lunch to free up my weekday evenings. With track meets, baseball games, and yard work coming up, I finally gave up with thinking and signed up for access to our company fitness center. We'll see how I do at packing my bag and my lunch each day.

Jil is overjoyed to be back with her friends this week. Our schedules have been a little hectic so we haven't talked to much. I don't have much to report. Jil was excited to take Laura down the closed 875 on Wednesday, although I'm not sure they live up to the 'running aimlessly' tag. They agreed that if they got lost, they would just walk. How incorrigible! There was some redemption later in the week after completing their 8 mile long run, she didn't get tired until around 7 and was later heard saying that a rest week was coming up with nothing longer than 6. I don't know if she realizes it, but she's sounding more like a runner all the time!

Will's baseball schedule came out this week. We are little frustrated with a) how long it takes to publish the schedule (the first game is in 1 1/2 weeks) and b) how many conflicts there are with runs we wanted to do, including the our local 5k, the Z-Run. At least we don't have to worry about a baseball conflict with the Geist half. The initial reaction to the conflicts was anger, but we have to remember priorities and balance.

Anna and I have had some good conversation this week. I think she is starting to get it. Part of that could be rediscovering the joy of running. We talked a lot about race pacing, goal setting, and going the extra mile. It could be an interesting summer for running in our household. I just need to remember my comments from last week; nurturing and teaching, but not forcing. Anna has been excited about track this week. The girls have been working with the boys distance coach and I think she has really enjoyed his style. On Thursday they time trialed the distance events to see who runs the away meets. That was the perfect opportunity for a true test of the flats.

Will has been out for a couple of shorter runs recently, so he has started to do a little something. The big surprise is that he is excited for swimming to start back up and build on the result he had at the state meet. Maybe the light bulb went off. As usual, we need to work to keep his goals in check, as he is a little too aggressive in setting them.


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