Z-Run 5k Race Report

The ZMS Z-Run 5k has been the most consistent race on the family schedule. This will make our third consecutive year, although Anna missed last year for a swim camp. The weather forecast was mixed with temps at 9 am in the 60s, but with a strong southerly wind (in our faces for the last half of the course). And they were right.

It was a race time decision as to how I would run; for me or as a rabbit for Will. If I was going to run for myself, my goal was to go sub-20. I checked as we left for the race and he knew what he wanted to do so he told me to go on my own. I positioned myself near the front and started at a nice pace. For some reason I had been pretty nervous, and for the first mile my legs felt rubbery. Definitely wasn't sure I would be able maintain the pace. I passed the first mile in 6:30. We then turned into a southwesterly breeze and a few of us lined up to take advantage of what little draft we could. I skipped the one water stop on the course but was starting to lose the person in front of me. Mile 2, 6:45. At that point I was starting to feel the hurt, but with only 1.1 to go, I wasn't about to let up. The new course had some tight turns in the last mile that made you slow down a bit and with the wind it was hard to pick the pace back up. When I did get near the 3 mile mark I looked at my watch and saw 19. I knew I would break the 20 minute mark, so I didn't press hard. I was happy with my
20:53.4 time, and thought that might get me an age group award, but was pleasantly surprised to have won the 40-44 age group! After finishing I went back and waited for Anna, Will, and Jil to finish, running to the finish line with each. The race award of a Running Company gift certificate was perfect for the shoes I plan to buy next week.

Because Jil is in better condition than for any previous 5k, she was hoping to easily set a PR, maybe a big time drop. She wasn't a fan of the new course, too many tight turns. And regardless of the distance is sick of the wind we have been experiencing lately. She was also annoyed with one of our local officers who actually was making runner stop to let traffic go through at one intersection. She kept a good steady pace, and even though she ran 6 yesterday, posted a new PR of 33:48.2, almost two minutes below her previous best time! Awesome run, Jil!

Anna hasn't run a timed 5k in 2 years, but based on her track results this week, she was looking to post a really fast time. She showed up with some friends but decided to run alone. She ran a pretty steady pace, but said the wind was pushing her around in those final curves. Result? PR of 24:26.2. Not as fast as she hoped, but still an awesome run!

Note: I'm a little bitter that everyone's picture was taken except mine!

Will, being the big goal man, initially talked of a huge race, averaging 7:30s. Since he hasn't trained much, I talked him down to targetting a  8:00 pace. He remembered what I told him and started off slowly, around an 8:40 pace. His second mile was around 8:15, so he must of burned that final 1.1. He really wanted to break 25 minutes, but was very pleased with a new PR of  25:07, and 8:05 pace. Very impressive given the very small amount of training he has done.

All in all, Z-Run was a great day for the family. Three PRs and an age group win. Not bad.

I guess it's time to pick out the next family race.


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