Final Countdown

Yes, it's the final countdown, both to the end of track season and for the Geist Half. As I posted last week, I still don't know what I'm doing for a plan this week. I've been having some soreness since getting into the new shoes, so after running an easy 7 on Monday, I chose to take a down week after all. I took the week, because this isn't an 'A' race. I'm ready to run with Jil and one week off won't change that. It's also not important that I run a certain number of miles this week or this month, but that I get Jil through and start looking forward to my schedule for the fall. I'm hoping for an enjoyable morning on Saturday, sharing the experience with her the best way that I can, right by side every step of the way.

What Jil thought was a mild virus turned out to be a tooth issue and required a root canal. She did miss some runs down the final stretch, but I think that may work in her favor, giving her some extra rest for her ITB. After the root canal her running mate thought she wouldn't run, so they went without her. They felt bad later when she did go out. It was only two miles and Jil enjoyed reminissing about 13 months ago when she did the exact same run, couldn't run up the steep ramp/hill in the middle, then had trouble for walking for a week afterward. What a difference a year and consistent training will do. I think the run was perfect for her confidence for the race on Saturday.

The current weather forecast isn't looking good with a 40% chance of thunderstorms. You can't trust the local meteorologists  too much in the month of May because of all the attention on activities surrounding the Indy 500, they just don't want to be wrong. But the rain forecasts are coming from the national services as well. We'll just have to wait and see what the day brings. If the race is on, we run. Besides, with the warmer temps forecasted, a cooling rain may help.

Check back this weekend for a race report.

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