One Week

So the first step down week before taper for the half, at least for Jil and her group. I haven't determined whether I will taper or not. Saturday may just be a training run for me. I've kind of found a happy balance in my weekly mileage around 30 miles.

Lunch runs have, for the most part, been working for me. With that said, I didn't get my Wednesday run in because of a scheduled webcast. I did 7 on Monday, 7 on Thursday, and 10 on Saturday. Thursday was the first day in the new Landreths. New shoes are mixed bag, because you have the fresh cushion and all, but it seems to always take a few runs to get the shoe lacing adjusted and get the shoes to form to my feet. On Thursday I tried to keep an easy pace, and just focused on good toe off. I seemed to be sliding around a little bit and ended up with some hotspots behind my toes. On Saturday I laced up a little tighter to prevent the sliding and this time ended up with a little of the old numbness in my left foot, but no hotspots. But the end result was right where I wanted to be. I think the plan for next week is just to keep everything easy, with normal mileage, but will adjust as the week comes to. I just can't do anything stupid. If I fail to line up on Saturday to support Jil during her run, I better start building a dog house, because that's where I'll be sleeping.

Jil is beginning to scale back for the race. Given the downer of the ITB last week, she wasn't sure what to expect, but had a really good week. I was relieved to have her come to me on Friday excited about how good her 8 miler felt. My hopes and prayers are that the experience is a good one on Saturday.

I know it was the point of the sermon at Church today, but relating the passage (from Acts 8) about Phillip and the Eunuch to being a mentor and running along side. Okay, so I know the minister was talking about the kids that were baptised and being confirmed, but the literalness of his words connected with me as well.

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