Stop Doing That

A little variety this week, none of that boring training talk. The leg finally become sore enough while not running, that I determined it was time to stop doing that. I've been resting and icing as much as my busy evening schedule has allowed. I'm now on rest day 4 and it seems to be improving, but of course I have my internal microscope out, analyzing every twinge. My current plan is to take this week off, then next week start cross training with swimming and aqua jogging. If I'm feeling okay with a little pressure, I may throw in a little biking. I will not run until I can walk without pain.

This one has left me a little frustrated. I haven't built up my miles too quickly and I have mixed my training intensity between easy, medium, and hard. Admittedly, I did stretch my last pair of shoes too far, but I didn't start to feel this until I got the new pair of the same model, so I don't think it's because of that. I'm also fretting the potential loss of the great base I built over winter/spring. I was so looking forward to going into my fall marathon training on about 30 miles a week and really being able to focus on speedwork.

I know I can be difficult to live with during times of injury, so I have to make a concerted effort to accept the hand I've been dealt, focus on getting better, and finding ways to maintain my conditioning.

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