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Another week, still sore. The run on Saturday didn't make my leg any worse, but I wasn't better either. On Tuesday I remembered that my running store, The Running Company, has a trainer come in occasionally. A quick e-mail got me the answer that the Tuesday was the June day, otherwise I would have to wait until July. I felt a little like this was fate, so I quickly got changed and headed to the Broadripple store. I was the third person in line and got my turn after about a 30 minute wait. The trainer felt around and felt a suspicious spot on my Tibia, that just happened to be where the pain was centered. Because of the location of the spot, he wasn't sure, but considered a stress fracture a real possibility. He suggested I continue waiting and testing, but thought the season would get away from me and suggested I see a doctor. I have taken his advise and have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor this week.

On the heels of Will getting his road bike and wanting to ride constantly and with my required cross-training, I went to the local bike shop to test ride bikes. I spent about an hour and a half, riding about 5 bikes. I decided which one I liked, but they needed to build the exact frame component grouping. It is on the schedule and I have plans to test ride it during a 26 mile group ride this Thursday. If all goes well, I hope to be picking it up later in the week.

The kids had a swim meet this week. Anna dropped time in all of her events, but Will continues to mystify, dropping time in some and adding time in others. He continues to find his first individual state meet qualifying time. He is now .5 seconds off on the 50 and 100 breaststroke and about 1 second off in the 50 fly. He wants to achieve a qualifier so badly that it gets to be very painful as he gets closer and closer but just can't seem to get over top. I believe that after he gets one, they will come in quick succession, but getting that first one is tough.

On July 4th both kids are going to participate in the Kids Racing for Kids Triathlon in town. Will is very excited and can't wait. Anna is reluctant because she isn't crazy about bike racing. My hope is that Will has as much fun as he expects, and that Anna far exceeds what she expects.
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