Get Over It

So last weekend I realized that as I am not running, I am making myself and everyone around me miserable with my moping. But what could I do about it? Quit sitting around waiting for everything to get better all by itself, get off my butt, stick and roll my leg and do something about it!

And so it went. I was diligent about sticking and stretching my lower legs. I got in 3 bike rides of 10+ miles and 2 sessions of aqua jogging. By Saturday things were feeling good enough to give it another chance on the run. During warm-ups for Anna's open water swim meet, I went out for what I thought to be an easy 6 miler. What I didn't realize is that I was in the only landlocked hilly location in the north half of Indiana. The hills combined with strong winds, humidity, and reduced fitness to really kick my butt. The good news was the leg didn't bother me. I didn't get a lot of cool down time in as I spent the rest of the day watching Anna rock a 5th place age group finish in her open water mile. (Not bad for having been down all week with 102-103 fever!) Things weren't too bad, but on Sunday I woke to sore calves and a throbbing right ankle. I'm just really confused by what is going on with this leg. The good that I will take from run is that my leg didn't feel worse afterwards, so I don't think any further damage was done. The bad is that I will be cross training more and limiting the running for a little bit longer.

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