I'm Hurtin'

I took the week off from running to rest my right leg. On Tuesday morning I woke to zero leg pain, so I jumped to the conclusion that I had been experiencing a muscle knot and it finally released. My knee still hurt a bit, but I figured that was because of altered walking and I would do the right thing and wait until Saturday to test it.

I was a good runner and waited for Saturday. The kids were gone, so Jil and I spent Friday night out of town. I was ready to test the leg, I love to run with Jil, and I love to explore new places on the run; the stars were aligned. Jil and I went out for and easy 5 miles. I felt good, but felt a little twinge here, then a little twinge there. I thought I was just being overly sensitive to every little thing. The run went fine, but after finishing the pain started to come back; I guess it wasn't the stars, but the perfect storm. As the weekend wore on I found that leg pain wise I was back to where I was a week ago.

There is a little more going on there than I initially thought, I'm still hoping its not a stress fracture. The high up location doesn't seem to fit that MO and that it felt better after 10 days off leads me away from that as well, but the general leg ache that I get occasionally seems to match what I remember from the leg fracture at age 14.

So I'm back to rest from running, but this week I fully intend to fit in some cross training, doing whatever I can to maintain my fitness level.

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  1. Hi Joe,
    I'm glad Brandon told us "in last podcast" what your web site address was as it has allowed me to Thank you in person for the great note you left on his blog for me. Your message was amazing it has helped me through my klm/miles.You gave me great support Thank you so much..I'm sorry your injured it's not much fun running with pain.I did core work for 2 weeks while i was unable to run and it has made me stronger. Please let us know how you are going. You are someone to look up to coming from 5ks 3 times a week "March" to a marathon in "October" that was just unreal. I'm glad now i will take sometime and read more of your blog looking forward to it.
    Take Care
    Keep Strong
    Trea from Oz


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