I'm still off of running and I'm still sore. I'm getting frustrated because I really can't nail down what I'm dealing with. One time in the day I feel sore in one place, another time no soreness at all, then in another place, and back to the first one. Throughout the day, the soreness randomly moves from place to place.

I did a better job of cross training, but not what I needed to or should have. I only got out for one bike ride, and I just found it easier to mope around and make my family miserable. I look in the mirror every morning and can just sense all of that great base training from the last 5 month draining out my pores.

On a lighter note, Anna has done a good job sticking with her base mileage. She has needed to be prodded out the door a few times, but has done the runs. She and Jil even shared some nice mother-daughter time for a couple of runs.

We had a swim meet this weekend, with great results for both kids. Anna swam all three days and had personal bests for all 9 swims, getting her long course IN State cut in the 200 fly. Will only swam on Sunday, but had some awesome swims. He dropped significant time in all 4 moving his 50 breast and 50 fly (?!) closer to the state cut. The 50 fly was a very nice swim. We will have to give it a meet or two to verify, but it looks like the stroke may have finally clicked for him.

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