Back In The Chain Gang

I waited the time specified by the doctor then hit the roads again, but only at about 3 easy miles per run. My first 2 outings were uneventful, but left me with a knot in my gastroc, but nothing that couldn't be worked through.

What followed was an hour at the physical therapist doing analysis and Graston therapy.The analysis was very helpful identifying some weakness in my calves and the fact that I support my core with my hip flexors. The Graston therapy, where the PT uses these blunt edged metal tools to scrape and dig into the muscle to clear knots, adhesions and scar tissue was a joy be experienced. The good news is that the knot in my calf was gone, but I was left with bruises that lasted for a about 4 days! As I returned to running, I expereienced some discomfort from the calf, but that appeared to be from the bruising. On the second run out I was back to the same soreness as before, so I'm going to back off the running again and just stick with ice massage, exercises, and non-impact cross training.

I have had the chance to enjoy my bike a few more times in the past week. Another group ride, that got a bit to racy for my newbie level and left me with a charlie horse cramp, but still a load of fun. Then another solo 20 miler that left me sore but satisfied. My backside is beginning to become accustomed to the saddle. I still need to log more time, even on shorter rides. I'm hoping the weather holds for the group ride again this week.

I also swam one this week, but it just left me with an awful headache and nausea that lasted for a day. In talking with one of our swim coaches, she suggested that I'm not breathing effectively and need to focus on my exhale and getting a full gulp of air. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it is on my list of things to do.

On a parental note, Anna had qualified for and swam in the Indiana Open Water State meet last week. For 13-14 year olds the distance is 1.5 miles, which was a longer distance than she had swum before in a race. She swam a similar pace to her open water mile from earlier in the summer, but finished strong making a pass in the final 100 yds to place 12th. Way to go girl!

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