Cutting It Fine

I spent another looooong weekend doing my best imitation of a slug while attending a swim meet. This was another one of those prelims/finals meets where Anna had morning prelims/evening finals and Will was swimming in the afternoons. I hate having to dip into the vacation funds for a hotel when we are only an hour from home, but when you don't get out until 9-10pm and have to be back at 7:30am, the extra hour of sleep really helps. It also gives Anna someplace to hang in the afternoon so she can get some rest.

Both kids had a full set of swims for Fri/Sat/Sun. Anna had didn't have any breakthroughs, just some solid swims. She did get her long course (50m pool) cut in the 1500m, and although she swam a very consistent paced race, she had to pull out some heroics in the last 100m to be sure she got under the cut (20:29.29).  Next up for Anna is the Open Water State meet on Tues, July 14. The 13-14 age group swim 1.5 miles and that will be her first time over 1 mile. It seems that she does better the longer race, so it will be interesting to see how she responds to the additional distance.

This was Will's breakthrough meet. He has spent the last year fairly close to the state cut in the 50 breaststroke, but just couldn't ever put together the swim that would get him through. He was dropping time in his swims on Friday, but on Saturday was his first real chance for achieving that elusive state cut, being .5 seconds away from the 100 breast time going in. For one of the first times, he focused on racing the guy in the lane next to him rather than on the time standard. At the finish he was .5 seconds under the cut! Amazingly, although he could recite the qualifying times by heart for over a year, he had to see the time standards before he would realize that he had achieved his first Indiana age group state qualifier. On Sunday came his next chance. As in the 100 breast, he was .5 seconds off of the qualifying time and again focused on racing the guy next to him. This time he not only beat the standard, but improved by over 2 seconds! For Will it was opposite of Hayey McGregory (missed the 2004 & 2008 Olympic teams by one place despite having set a world record in prelims), who stated after winning the 100 back in the US World Championship Trials this week, it wasn't about the time but about getting your hand on the wall first. I think Will got 4th and 3rd in his races, but where he placed didn't matter, it was all about getting the times. He has been wanting to wear a swim camp that shows him as state team member for so long he had it on for all the races following the 100 breast, and wow, did it ever look good on him!

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