As I'm looking at my training log for August, I'm feeling good about what I've been doing. I haven't done big miles, either running or on the bike, but I've gotten in a lot of workouts. I've continued to slowly build up my running miles, with 4 on Monday, 3 on Wednesday, and another 4 on Friday. My calf held up for the entire week, with only a little tightness on Friday. The start on Friday I felt really good, but when I got to my turn around point I realized why as I turned into an 18-25 mph wind for my return trip. While I'm encouraged by seeing that I logged 11-12 miles, that is what I planned to be doing a couple of times a week at this time in the year. But I've long ago accepted that the marathon is out for this fall and I just need to get healthy so I can at least run a half marathon. If I stay deliberate, and keep having success on Wednesdays, I should be able to get in a good race this fall.

With the first week of school, Will's football schedule shifted and that allowed him to make the Thursday group ride. However all the excitement just didn't pan out. Before any of the groups pulled out, I heard him clip into one of his pedals. The next thing I heard was "Daddy?" I turned in time see him fall into me, taking me down like a domino. Fortunately I had enough room between me and the next biker so it stopped with me. Then as we got ready to pull out he didn't get in his pedal right and went down again. We were able to chase and catch on to the group we wanted to ride with, but that effort combined with a tough wind left will pretty worn out and we had to turn for home and request a pickup from Jil.

Saturday brought the opportunity for a longer bike ride (for me anyway). I headed out to get in a 41 miler in at an easy pace. Around 6 miles I turned north was left to fight into a 13 mph headwind for the next 15 miles! I didn't get nearly enough tailwind time to make up for it, but I was able to tough it out and finish my planned route.

Will solid football game with 1 touchdown saving tackle coming from the opposite side of the field, but his team lost their football opener, 20-0.

Next week is the opening Cross Country meet and more football. The schedules just get busier from here.

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  1. Hi Joe! Thanks for the comment over at web-goddess. I was amused to see you're in Indiana! I'm actually a transplanted Hoosier myself. What are the odds? Which part do you live in? I grew up in the Lagrange area and lived in South Bend through college.

  2. Hey Kris! I got to your blog through Brandon's Marathon, I didn't even look at your profile. It is definitely a small world we live in.

    I am actually a transplanted Iowan (I can't bring myself to say Hawkeye, because I attended a rival school to the University of Iowa), but my kids tell me I've been in Indiana long enough to be a Hoosier. I'm not sure I buy into that thinking. I live on the NW side of Indianapolis.


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