Father & Son

It was back to work this week after my too short time off to visit the old hood and spend some time with my parents. Back to work meant back to the routine, which, although it may sound like it, isn't all bad. Routine meant being able to get my lunch time run and strength exercises in. My runs are at 3 miles now and I'm starting to feel more comfortable  throughout the run. This means my fitness is coming back, which is a good thing. I've also been free of post run soreness from my leg. Things are definitely looking up.

On Thursday, Will was finally free from swim practices and not quite into football so he finally got to join in on the group ride. I wasn't sure if he could keep up with the 3rd group, so I figured on starting him out in the recreation and fitness group - a little slower and a little shorter than the 3rd group. Well wasn't I surprised. From the start of the ride he wanted to be up front. The problem is that neither of us knew the route, so we couldn't lead. He refused to let there be any kind of a gap between himself and the lead rider and a few times I had to remind him that he didn't know where he was going. In the end, we rode about 17 miles in just about an hour. That's the fastest he's ridden and he handled it well, although he did get a little tired in the middle. I just enjoyed sharing the time with him even if I was chasing his back wheel most of the time. I wish he wasn't playing football.  With practice every Thursday night he won't be able to group ride again until October, and by then who knows what the weather will be. We can only hope it holds warm for a few of those weeks.

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