The Heat is On

In the past week or so, summer finally arrived in central Indiana. After enduring a cool and non-sticky July, the humidity and temperature finally jumped up. To coincide with the change in the weather, the kid's fall activities kicked into gear. Football for Will and Cross Country for Anna. All of this just meant placing more thought into when I could and would workout.

Since I am doing shorter runs, I was able to keep running at lunch time. I was able to get in 3 1/4, 4, and 3 1/4. And really all of them felt really good. I'm starting to get my fitness back and the calf hasn't been bothering me for the most part. Toward the end of the week it started to get a little sore, but after a couple of evenings of ice massage it seemed to feel much better. Note to self: more consistent ice massage.

Evenings were either left to playing taxi driver for the kids, or riding the bike. On Monday, Will and I went out for a 20 miler. Still trying to build up his strength for longer rides. He's getting there, but it's also hard to tell his limit, because he doesn't like to admit weakness. The fun thing was as we were riding a squirrel started to cross the road from the side opposite side of us. My experience with motor vehicles is that they most times stop and turn back. However, on this occasion I watched the squirrel run right in front of me, then go under my front wheel and up into my bottom tube. My main concern was hitting the deck, which thankfully I didn't do. At a backwards glance, I didn't see the squirrel on the road, so he did get away - hopefully without too much damage!

On Thursday, I had a meeting after work, then I planned to do the group ride. Of all weeks, the meeting ran long and I got home 10 minutes before the ride was scheduled to start. I treated the house like a tri transition zone and was able to get in the house, get changed out of my work clothes and into my bike kit, then get out the door in 4 mins. I rode off to meet the group (about 3 miles from home) rather than drive to the shop and made it with about 3 minutes to spare! It was a fun ride. The group was big and really hung together. My left cleat loosened throughout the ride and left me a little nervous about needing to unclip quickly. Even with the wait time, I averaged a little higher speed than I have been , and didn't have the butt soreness either. Hopefully I'm starting to become more used to the bike.

On Saturday, Football games, then the heat got in the way of any kind of workout, so on Sunday Will and I were able to sneak in a quick 15 miler after church and before it got too hot. It was still hot and windy!

I was really happy with the week, but would have liked to gotten in a few more workouts, including a longer ride - maybe this next week!

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