Matter of Time

This week it was a matter of time. Work and life collided, making it difficult to find the time to get my normal workouts in. I did get in my Monday lunch time run, which went really well, and the Thursday night group ride, which also went well. I didn't fret too much about missing the workouts because my leg was feeling a little sore. Maybe some rest was what I needed and was part of a greater plan. 

I think Jil and I are finally done with our back to school meetings. I don't remember a year with as many as we have had to attend this year. Sometimes I have actually thought we were going to school as much as the kids were! But now the sports schedules are in full swing. Will is continuing football and . Anna had her first cross country meet of the season. She ran well for the beginning of the season, but the team got second by 3 points. It looks to be a strong girls squad this year, so they will be fun to watch. The middle school dropped the cross country club for the 5th and 6th graders, so Will is going to be running with the team a few days a week. He's excited about running right now because of watching the World Track and Field championships. We'll have to see how long the interest holds.

Saturday was a banner day. It was a cool morning and we got off to a slow start. Anna, Jil and I started off on a run around mid-morning. After a mile, we parted ways, because I wanted to go longer. After the way I felt all week long, I was amazed at how good I felt. I just kept going and driving. It took all of my will power, but I forced myself to stop after 4 3/4 miles. Surprisingly, my leg felt better after finishing than it had before! We then got to enjoy a hard fought 6-0 victory by Will's football team. The team looked totally different than the last two weeks, and Will set the tone for the game by making a text book solo tackle on the opening kick-off. I was happy for the boys just to play a good all-around game. After the game Will told me it was too windy, and there was no way he was going to ride his bike. I wished he had come along, but I wasn't going to let a little wind stop me, so I did a couple of loops around for a nice 20 miler. I was heartened by the fastest solo ride I have ever clocked, but on Sunday morning I was paying the price for all my hard work as I was aching all over!

This next week Anna has two cross country meets and Will has a mid-week football game, so fitting in evening workouts will once again be a challenge. At least I don't have the daytime conflicts.

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