Recess Anyone?

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything out here, and to throw everyone even a bigger curve ball, I'm going to totally change format for this post.

As my runs have gotten progressively a little longer again, I've started to get my lunchtime runs back closer to where they were in the spring before this whole mess with my leg started. And with that, I've been getting back to some routes that I haven't done for a while. To make things even more enjoyable, the late summer/early fall weather has been perfect for running; still warm, but with light breezes that keep it quite comfortable. One of my favorite routes takes me past an elementary school, that at the time I'm running has the kids outside for noon recess. Now, I've run past this scene of kids playing, easily a dozen times this year, but this week it just struck me odd. As a girl was going down a slide and looked out the fence at me, I thought to myself, you know, we are doing the exact same thing, enjoying our noon recess.  That thought just continued to bounce around my brain as I continued running and it all just seemed to make sense. The way I look forward to that mid-day run, the way I've dumped my excess energy and have recharged my batteries for the afternoon is the same way the kids respond to recess. It also gives me another name for what I'm doing. I've always hated the term working out, because I enjoy running so much that I really can't consider it work. Recess is perfect. It's all about play and having fun and allows me to maintain the illusion that I haven't grown up and don't have to.

I'll get back to my journal style in upcoming posts. In the mean time, go out there and enjoy some recess for yourself. Who knows, you might actually like it.


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