Accidents Will Happen

I've continued to recover from my illness and I still don't think that I'm 100%. My training is getting back on track with where I was before, but all my systems are feeling completely normal and that includes my brain wanting to hit the road. Of course after I get out the door, I feel better. Without a goal race on my calendar I'm just trying to get my base to a nice level and my weekly long runs into double digits. I'll start looking for a spring goal race in the next few weeks, just so I'll have something to keep me motivated on some of those cold winter days.

The kids have had a couple of good weeks of cross country. Anna logged a couple of number one finishes on her team. At the Indiana Middle School State meet she finally recorded a personal best, going back to the same meet last year and finished about 10 places higher than last year. Will has gotten his first experiences at the 3k distance and has done pretty well. I think he is now getting to the point where he can race rather than just run the distance.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you probably know that the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was my goal race for this year. But after a summer of fighting leg problems, I just lost too much and got started up again too late to be really ready to race. Last week we found that the USATF junior olympic cross country state meet is that same date and both kids would like to participate. Had I been racing, it would have been a difficult logistically for all of us to support each other and not feel any guilt. Sometimes accidents will happen in life, and things just work out.

Artist for Song in Title: Elvis Costello
Note: I noticed the other day that Grey's Anatomy names their episodes after songs. I have to admit they were doing it first, but I was completely influenced by Anna's suggestion to do so.


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