Happy Together

Every year brings certain milestones to us. We all experience birthdays, which of course marks our increasing age. We also experience anniversaries of many events. This past weekend was full of milestones for me. My wife and I shared our wedding anniversary and two days later, I marked another birthday. This year neither event was a milestone date, other than the passing of another year. The birthday was a normal workday with work and our regular busy schedules, but the anniversary was special, in what some may consider a little twisted.

So how was the anniversary special? It began like just like any other fall Saturday with Jil and I splitting up. I headed off to a nearby community to support Anna at a cross country meet while Jil stayed home to make sure Will got to his playoff football game on time. By the way, Anna was second on her team, 10th overall, and the team placed 3rd in their conference. Will played very well with 4 big tackles and a 15 yard kickoff return, but his team lost 20-0 in their playoff game and their season (and maybe his football career) is over. After the events, we got home and Jil and I did a couple of small chores around the house, but it was such a beautiful early fall day we decided to go for a run. As we were running we realized that even though the hour wasn't right it was the exact time of your anniversary (the hour difference is due to the addition of daylight savings time in Indiana between then and now). Running was my thing when we were married, and only in recent years has Jil discovered what joy the activity can be. We aren't able to run together much because of our busy schedules, but when we do it is a very enjoyable time. The runs provide us some time together without interruptions and when we can enjoy some conversation or just a little quiet time together.

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  1. I know this is over a month later, but I like running with you too. It's much more enjoyable now that I can talk while running. Aisle b


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