This Years Love

Before I wish the new year a happy welcome, I would like recap 2009. My goals for the year seemed to be fairly simple: train intelligently to remain injury free, help Jil complete her first running half-marathon, and run a fall marathon (with a PR), and break the 1000 mile barrier for the year.

None of that seemed very hard and the year started off very well. I followed the 10% rule and made sure to include rest days as an important part of my schedule. My base miles tallied up and I was right were I wanted to be to pace Jil through her spring race. Things were going well even to the point that I ran a trail half for fun just 2 weeks prior to running with Jil. Success continued as I crossed the finish line with Jil as she completed her first half as a runner. It was about that time that the sweater started to unravel. My calf/shin started to bother me so I began a sequence of 2 week rest periods. And by rest, I mean complete and total rest followed by a single, pained run. At the end of the 3rd cycle it was time to see the doctor. The ensuing therapy help me out of the funk, but because of my rest strategy, or lack thereof, my fall marathon plan and the 1000 mile year were toast. I did recover to run a decent half-marathon in November and was training well until the last 2 runs of the year when I was struck with what appears to be Illiotibial Band Syndrome. But let's not leave 2009 on a down note. I did completed the most road races (7) of any year since I started running in 1982. The races ranged from a 5k to 3 half-marathons and included an age group win in the 5k.

This is the point where we say out with the old and in with the new. However, before I could complete this entry, the IT band issue is doing its best to rewrite my 2010 goals. I'm not ready to accept that outcome so the following list contains my original major goals.
  1. Run a spring marathon, either St Louis or Illinois.
  2. Race a fall marathon, Monumental (Indianapolis).
  3. Run more than 1000 miles.
If I can stay healthy, those goals are all very achievable, but, because I still don't know exactly how my training will be impacted by the IT band, I reserve the right to review and modify those goals. I'll keep you posted on changes as I make them.

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