It Ain't Me Babe

I mentioned in my last post that I got a new pair of shoes just to verify that the shoes I was wearing weren't causing the issue with my knee. After a couple of 3 mile treadmill test runs, I determined that MJ was right and Mars was wrong. It's not the shoes. (Remember the old Nike Air Jordan commercial with Spike Lee?) So what next?

Today I went to see my friendly sports med guy. I had scheduled the appointment for knee pain, and because of my history, he was surprised that it was my right knee and not my left. For those of you who knew me growing up, you'll remember that I had kind of a nasty encounter with the rear end of an AMC Gremlin when I was 14. Maybe I should tell that story someday. Anyway, we figured out it's not the IT band, it's not the meniscus, it's not the ligaments.... It does appear to be something with my quadriceps tendon. We did take the opportunity to take some x-rays of my knees just to see where they are structurally at this point in my life, and the verdict was good. There were some rough spots where I had my fracture 29 yrs ago, but everything else looked good.

From here it's back to the physical therapist for some wonderful GRASTON torture treatment and some exercises to try and build some strength in my legs to better support the running activity and most importantly: keep me healthy so I can continue to enjoy running.

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