Helter Skelter

I've been away again, but mainly because my free time has been severely limited as of late. Work has been crazy and the kids have been keeping the calendar very busy. Anna has begun the summer swim practice practice schedule, so I am dropping her off and heading into the office early. That has been very nice to get things going before everyone else wanders in, but I don't seem to be able to get out much earlier in the evening. When I have gotten out, it seems that Will has had baseball games. For example, this week, with the storms that were rolling across the country, he had a game suspended due to rain 2 times. It took 3 days to get the game in. The 3rd day then included another tourney game. While I'm glad to not be back at the ball park for another night, I'm disappointed that the boys are done for the season. But it also means that Will and I can ride together more.

I have backed off my running mileage quite a bit to nurse through some calf tightness. I have been very diligent about stretching before getting out of bed in the morning and then taking time following workouts to really get my legs stretched out. I've also been on my bike a little bit more. The strategy seems to be working as I've been able to begin raising my running mileage and keep the calf loose.

The bike has been giving mixed results. I've been getting 50-70 miles in a week, which I'm very happy with, but they haven't all been good miles. There have been a few rides that I could just tell when I pulled out of the driveway that I didn't have it that day. I still put the ride in, but those aren't the fun days. Other days I feel good and can tell a definite difference in my strength over last year. I understand that ups and downs are normal an try to focus more on the ups. Right now that seems to be working and I am looking forward to my runs and rides.

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