Insane, Insane Again

The pattern is occurring, again. For long time readers you will have noticed a pattern. My training just gets to the point where I'm really excited about the possibilities and injury strikes. My training has been going extremely well lately. Yes, I've been tired, and yes there have been days that I didn't want to lace up the shoes and head out the door, but I always felt stronger and better after finishing the workouts. Last week was a step back/recovery week and I was fired up and ready to start into the final block of training before tapering and racing. My form has gotten to a point that I really thought some of my goals were very realistic; it also didn't hurt that I had just added some Saucony Kinvara's to my shoe stable and I was really wanting to put them to the test.

Tuesday I headed out for some mile repeats, a workout that I had dreaded a month ago but was now excited for. I had some tightness in my left calf from my first steps. Nothing to be concerned about, I was sure it would loosen up as I warmed up. I went through the first repeat feeling strong and comfortable only to look at my watch and see that it was the fastest mile I've run in probably a decade. Great! Just to recover and hit the next one, but my calf was still a little tight. It was about this time that my mind was somewhere else and I felt a squish; oh no, that was a BIG pile of dog droppings. I should have taken that has an indication of the day and packed it in then, but I was heading back toward my starting point so I figured I would give one more mile and then assess whether to call it a day early. I didn't even make it that far. About 1/4 mile in, I felt a strong twinge shoot up the calf and pulled up like a world class sprinter, keeping all the weight possible off that leg. I tried to stretch it out but to no relief,  so I walked the two miles back to my destination.

I immediately started the roller coaster ride: my race was over, but maybe it wasn't that bad, no it's over.... I got some ice at the gym and spent much of the afternoon icing, but by the time I headed home from work the calf had really tightened up. I hope I wasn't too bad to my family, I know how bad I can be when I think the train has gone off the tracks. Since then my moods have leveled out somewhat. I've been resting and trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. The leg is feeling better bit by bit, but not back to pain free. I got the name of a good sports massage guy and scheduled the first opening available. So right now I'm day by day and hope to be back on the roads very soon. Maybe this is sick, but I was really excited about my scheduled 20 miler this Saturday; I guess that may have to wait. Just hopefully not too long.

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  1. Oh, sooooo disappointing! I feel bad for you!

    I have been having work done on my foot this summer and today had to drop by the running store to tell them I wouldn't be starting the half I had signed up to run tomorrow. So I hear you....Hope you have a quick recovery and are still feeling otherwise fit and strong when you get back to it!

  2. Carol, thanks for the support. I'm afraid that my family may taken the brunt of my moods, but at least I'm aware and trying to be patient. The good news is hitting the (bad) food and drink has not been an issue. I guess we have to accept that sometimes we aren't really who make the plans and we have to roll with what comes our way. In the end there is always another day!


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