Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Note: This post was drafted this while I was travelling 5 weeks ago.

My blogging continues to mirror my  activity. Sporadic. After returning from my late March/early April travels, the weather improved and I was feeling good so I hit the roads...probably more than I should have. By the last week of April I had logged a 20 mile week and was en-route to another when I noticed a limp as I walked from the parking lot to my office in the morning. My knee had been bothering some throughout the month, but the limp was finally the sign that I needed to react. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that would listen to my body, so it was time to fulfill that promise.

Did I do the right thing? Yes and No. Yes; I listened to my body and stopped. No; for a week I did NOTHING! After that I got back with the program, and did something. Not running, but something. I made it a point to get out on my road bike. I've been feeling good and am trying to slowly build up the length of my rides.

Eventually by mid-May I was able to do a few short runs, without irritating my knee so I was excited and ready to go...just in time to leave on another international business trip. I usually don't mind running in the heat, so maybe it is just a seasonal difference, but the Malaysian heat and humidity with afternoon rain storms combined with the inner city location where I'm staying have kept me from the roads. At least the extreme jet lag has left me with time each morning to practice some Yoga sequences. I really did want to do a short run just to say I had run here, but that didn't happen.

I ventured on from KL to Shanghai, China, and was able to get in a run before a day of sight seeing. The Sunday morning that I got out to run was wonderful. Rain had cleared the smog and the wide empty sidewalks made fore a good time exploring and stopping here and there for some pictures. The bummer was I only got out for the 1 day. During the week the crowds grew and schedule kept me inside.

I'm not doing what I really wish I was, but I'm trying to be optimistic. Conveniently, my work schedule is going to keep me from really having an 'A' race this year, so I have an opportunity to take a breath, heal my body and build for another year when I don't have the constraints.

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